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October 6, 2022  

USS Pine Island Incident, A Visit, and Broken Glass

October 6, 2022

The Blood Moon has risen. It is time to tell stories of the strange and sometimes terrifying. A black cat brings us a tru story. A vampire bat bites into a tall tale. An owl flies in a story from other worlds.

USS Pine Island Incident: This account by M.N.G. takes us onboard a U.S. Navy ship.

A Visit: The Black brings us a story by S.M.B. Now, this one makes me wonder if the odd bump in the night or strange creek of the door is just a friendly spirit stopping by to say, “hello or goodbye.”

Broken Glass: The Owl flies in with a perplexing story by Gypsy3142.

USS Pine Island Incident by M.N.G and A Visit by S.M.B. are from Broken Glass is by Gypsy3142 is from Reddit

Voice overs by Andrew Carey. Music and sound effects by Blood Moon Podcast. Other sound effects are from QuickSounds.

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