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June 2, 2022  

The Healers, Black-Eyed Kid in Oregon, and The Kathy Reeves Encounter

June 2, 2022

The Blood Moon has risen. It is time to tell stories of the strange and sometimes terrifying. All Owl stories for this episode. 

The Healers: Eduardo Amador shares his encounter with mysterious light beings.

Black Eyed Kids in Oregon: A chilling account by T.H. from

The Kathy Reeves Encounter: A strange case from 1966 of an UFO and headless creatures.

Thank you Eduardo Amador for sharing your story. Read his experience on Reddit. “Black Eyed Kids in Oregon” can be read at “The Kathy Reeves Encounter” was researched and written by Andrew Carey. Sources for this episode include, MU, and

Voice overs provided by Andrew Carey and Jane Carey. Music and sound effects by Blood Moon Podcast. Other sound effects are from, and sidequesting

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