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June 30, 2022  

Phone Call, Footsteps, and Evil House on Route 14

June 30, 2022

The Blood Moon has risen. It is time to tell stories of the strange and sometimes terrifying. All Black Cat stories for this episode. True accounts of hauntings, poltergeists and things that go bump in the night.

Phone Call: A bizarre account by Eileen JV. Who was on the other end of the phone call?

Footsteps: A chilling story by PPF about a night of chasing footsteps.

Evil House on Route 14: A haunting experienced by the Keegan family which was investigated by Hans Holzer.

“Evil House on Route 14” was researched and written by Andrew Carey. Sources for this episode include “Hans Holzer’s Haunted America” and “Ghosts, True Encounters with the World Beyond” by Hans Holzer. Read “Phone Call” and “Footsteps” at

Voice overs provided by Jane Carey and Melissa Tschebaum. Music and sound effects by Blood Moon Podcast. Other sound effects are from, and bajko

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