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September 22, 2022  

Pearl MS Sighting, Shadow Being, and The Watcher

September 22, 2022

The Blood Moon has risen. It is time to tell stories of the strange and sometimes terrifying. A black cat brings us a true story. A vampire bat bites into a tall tale. An owl flies in a story from other worlds.

Pearl MS Sighting: J’s childhood memory of encountering a UFO above his home.

Shadow Being: R.A. came across a dark entity.

The Watcher: Beegroovy420 shares an account about a close encounter at a music festival.

“Shadow Being” by J. and “Pearl MS Sighting” by R.A. are from “The Watcher” was submitted by beegroovy420. You can read the story on Reddit. Thank you beegroovy420 for sharing your story.

Voice overs provided by Andrew Carey and Melissa Tschebaum. The song “The Watcher” is by Karl Casey @ White Bat Music. Music and sound effects by Blood Moon Podcast. Other sound effects are from QuickSounds.

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