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October 27, 2022  

Ghost by the Stairs, Halloween House, and The Raven

October 27, 2022

Indeed the Blood Moon has risen and the jack o’ lanterns have sprung to life. The black cat and vampire bat are clamoring to tell stories…

Ghost by the Stairs: Was it the infamous Hatman or a fashionable phantom?

Halloween House: RecuseRanger and a friend explored an abandoned house.

The Raven: A unique take on the classic poem by Edgar Allen Poe

"Ghost by the Stairs" is an account from "Halloween House" by RecuseRangers235 can be found on Reddit "The Raven" is written by Edgar Allen Poe and it is in the public domain.

Voice overs provided by Andrew Carey and Melissa Tschebaum. Music and sound effects by Blood Moon Podcast. Other sound effects are from Free Sounds Library, QuickSounds and aboyd2043ambientsoundappjennaw-kscscreamstudio

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