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August 24, 2022  

Braidwood USO, Incubus Attack, and Four Little Devils

August 24, 2022

The Blood Moon has risen. It is time to tell stories of the strange and sometimes terrifying. A black cat brings us a true story. A vampire bat bites into a tall tale. An owl flies in a story from other worlds.

Braidwood USO: Flashes in the sky and a strange light over a lake.

Incubus Attack: Terrifying experiences by SMB.

Four Little Devils: Go back to the morning of August 29, 1967 in Cussac, France.

"Braidwood USO" by an anonymous person and "Incubus Attack" by SMB are from Four Little Devils was researched and written by Andrew Carey. Sources for this episode include “Passport to Magonia” by Jacques Vallee, “Occupants in France” from The APRO Bulletin (July/August 1968 issue), and

Voice overs provided by Andrew Carey. Music and sound effects by Blood Moon Podcast. Other sound effects are from Freesoundlibrary, QuickSounds and fabrizio84

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